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... to promote and foster the practice of organized archery ...

    12/1/10      Introduction of New Website Format
    12/12/10   Added 2010 Shooter of the Year Results
    1/4/11       Updated State Results Page, Added 2010 Oct-Dec AIM
    2/7/11       Updated Registration Forms, Fixed Indoor Shoot Times
    3/1/11       Posted 2011 FITA State Results
    4/3/11       Added Jan-Mar 2011 AIM
    6/30/11     Updated AIM page; added Board Mtg Notes; added June AIM
    12/1/12     Updated Site - 2012 Schedules
    2/18/12     Added 2012 FITA State Results
    10/16/12  Minor updates; What’s NEW for 2013

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