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Michigan Archery Association


... to promote and foster the practice of organized archery ...

Origanization: The name of the organization is the Michigan Archers Association (M.A.A.).

Purpose: The purpose of the M.A.A. is to promote and foster the practice of organized archery in the State of Michigan.

Activities: The activities of the M.A.A. is to adopt, interpret and enforce the practice of archery within the State of Michigan; determine the State Champions and to hold tournaments as directed by the Board of Directors.

Membership: The membership of the M.A.A. consists of Individuals qualified to belong to the Michigan Archers Association and the National Field Archery Association (N.F.A.A.).

Board of Directors                                                      Michigan Archery Club Contact List

    MAA Associations

1.   Central Michigan Archery Association
2.  Lake Michigan Archery Association
3.   Metropolitan Archery Association
4.   Michiana Field Archery League
5.   North Huron Archery Association
6.   Saginaw Valley Archery Association
7.   Southwestern Michigan Archery League
8.   Straits Field Archery Association
9.   Tri-County Archery Association
10. Upper Peninsula Field Archery Association

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Jeff Hunt


Executive Secretary

Rick Hotchkiss


Carol Bitner

Membership Coordinator / Charter Secretary

John Dumar

AIM Editor



NFAA Director

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