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VEGAS 2012

February 10 - 12, 2012

South Point Casino and Hotel
Las Vegas

The weekend competition includes the traditional 3-spot 20-yard "Vegas Round" that made this tournament famous.

2012 NFAA Indoor National Championships

March 31 & April 1, 2012

Kentucky International Convention Center
221 Fourth St
Louisville, Ky

The National tournament is open to all NFAA members. The round shot is  NFAA 300 at blue/white face. Archers' choice single or 5 spot target  shooting 12, 5 arrow ends at 20 yards, total score of 300 per day.

NFAA Equipment rules apply. Please see recent decisions by the Rules  Interpretations Committee regarding the use of Bull Dog Nock Collars and wraps as it affects the arrow size restriction rule. /Click here to see rule.

2012 NFAA Outdoor National Championships

67th Annual

July 25, 26, 27, 28 & 29, 2012

Mechanicsburg, PA

The National tournament is open to all NFAA members. The rounds shot are Field, Hunter, Animal, Field, Hunter in a 5/3 day format.

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