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420 Single Face Target_med

1-Spot 420 Target

The five spot 420 target -  there are 5 scoring circles with 3 scoring rings in each circle: The outer blue  ring has a score of 4 points. The arrow must touch the blue ring to score. The  shading inside this blue ring has no different scoring value and is only there  to draw your attention to the center of the entire target. The grey center has a  score of 5 points and the arrow must touch it to score 5 points. The white ”X”  ring inside the center grey circle has a score of 6 points. The arrow must touch  any part of the line making the “X” ring. The last scoring possibility is an  Inside “X” which is accomplished by the arrow being inside the line making the  white “X” ring without touching it, thus being called an Inside “X” which has a  score of 7 points. The "X" ring is smaller than a regular  NFAA 5 spot. On the 5 spot, only 1 arrow per scoring circle is allowed. If more  than 1 arrow is in a circle the lowest one is counted.

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420 Five Spot Targets_med

5-Spot 420Target

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