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 Target Orders
2013 MAA Target Orders - Next years targets will be placed on order on December 1, 2012.
All that are interested in placing a target orders at this time please contact
Jeff Hunt at H: (269) 388-4684 or C: (269) 303-1326 or via e-mail at glhmsa@yahoo.com

Greeting everyone.  In the effort to create a web site that the MAA is to be proud, please check out the items that the MAA has to offer.  Send club shooting schedules or other information that would be helpful to those that are visiting your area and want to participate while away from home.  If your club has a web site, advertise it here.  What type of ranges does your club have, it can be added to the Find a Club chart and if you offer special events for the kids, these too can all be included.  If there are any updates to what we already offer please send that data too.  Contact the MAA at michiganarchers@yahoo.com

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