MAA Divisions and Styles


It seems that every M.A.A. Championship tournament causes certain amounts of confusion, particularly amongst the newcomers of tournament archery. This begins with the registration form. There are spaces to mark such as division, shooting style, gender, day and time, etc. What does it all mean?


The two groups division and shooting style, cause the most extensive confusion. They are frequently mixed up. Look at it this way. Division has to do with the archer and style has to do with their equipment. There are currently seven (7) divisions and eight (8) shooting styles recognized by the M.A.A.




Pro Division - for those who are members of the N.F.A.A. Pro division. These archers compete nationally or on state level for monetary prizes under rules set forth by the N.F.A.A. Pro division. No contribution is made by the M.A.A. to their prize moneys.

Master Senior Division - established in May 2003 for those who are aged 65 and older.

Senior Division - established in May 1999 for those who are aged 55 and older.

Adult Division - for the archers aged 18 and older. Formally, this was called the "Open" division until it was changed to the more understandable "Adult" division a few years ago.

Young Adult Division - for those who are aged 15 17.

Youth Division - for those who are aged 12 14.

Cub Division - for the little ones who are aged 11 and under.

Note: All youth divisions require birthdates for registration.




Bare bow (BB) says what it means. Nothing on the bow or string may be used to help in aiming. Only a stabilizer on the bow is permitted.

Bow Hunter Bare Bow (BHBB) is the same as bare bow except that your fingers must touch the arrow when drawing the bow back. In other words, there is no string walking.

Bow Hunter Freestyle (BHFS) and Bow Hunter Freestyle Limited (BHFSL). These styles have too many rules to list here. For a complete list you should consult an N.F.A.A. Constitution and By-Laws.

Freestyle (FS). In Freestyle, any type of bow can be used and anything on the bow may be used, such as, sight, string peep, stabilizers and release aids.

Freestyle Limited (FSL). This style is the same as freestyle except that no release aids can be used. This style is often referred to as finger shooters because a finger tab or glove is used rather than a release aid.

Freestyle Limited Recurve/ Longbow  (FSLR/L). This style is the same as freestyle limited except that you must use a recurve or longbow. Once again, shooting styles are concerned with the type of equipment and how it is used.

Traditional (TRAD) is like bare bow except a stick bow or longbow is used and stabilizers are not allowed.


The M.A.A. does not recognize any Bow Hunter styles of shooting in any of the Youth Divisions.




This is on your scorecard but you will not find it on the registration form. The reason for this is that each tournament is different, so you may shoot in a different class for each. Currently, in the adult division, all archers except for the traditional shooting style shall be placed in classes AA, A, or B, according to scores shot in each individual round. There are no class designation for any of the youth divisions, recurve or Pro division. For a complete breakdown consult the M.A.A. By-laws (Article XII).


Besides individual competition, there is also team competition at the M.A.A. Championship tournaments in the Adult divisions. Either Club or Association teams consisting of a maximum of four members may be entered in all shooting styles.


So, all in all, the classification of archers in the M.A.A. tournaments is not so difficult if some thoughts are given to the structure of the classification system. Good luck to all and I hope to see you on the range.


Some tips for registering for a State Tournament to help you and the registration chairperson:

1. Fill in ALL the information on the form.
2. Be sure to include your phone number.
3. Circle the date as well as the time.
4. Register as early as possible by calling in first.
5. If you find you have to cancel, do so as early as possible.
6. Make your check payable to: MICHIGAN ARCHERS ASSN.


When you attend a State Tournament, please fill in all of the information on the scorecard before turning it in. Check the information on it and make sure it is correct.